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Now you can predict your child’s genetic talents with 99.9% accuracy, so as to nurture them at an early age and raise your child to be a champion! 



Set Your Child Up For Success
30 Mar (Sat) / 31 Mar (Sun)

Setiabudi Two Building, Jakarta


Still guessing what your child’s talents are?

I no longer know what my child’s talents are. When my daughter was 7, she wanted to learn how to play the piano. I invested a lot of money buying a piano and signing her up for expensive classes. I hoped her interest would turn into a useful talent for her future. 6 months later, my daughter lost her interest. She then wanted to learn ballet as her friends were learning it, and again the interest lasted for only a short time… all that invested time and money wasted. Worse still, I still have no clue how to support my child’s leaning and develop her true potential.

As parents, we all know our children will be happy and achieve great things in life when they can do what they are born to do – be it music, sports, the arts, working with people or machines. But many of us end up in a series of trial-and-error, guesswork, and experimentation that often involves unpleasant tears and disappointment.

That leaves many parents wondering if they are helping their children…


Parent with Confidence & Certainty

What if there is a safe, easy and more accurate way to find out what your children’s natural talents, abilities and personality traits are? And with that knowledge, you can guide the way you groom and parent your child to become a champion with certainty?


Writing Is In Her Gene. My daughter is naturally talented in writing and the arts and the gene test has reaffirmed that. I will surely nurture and develop her according to her innate ability.”

- Jamie Yeo, Gold 90.5FM Radio Hostess, Singapore

The Missing Puzzle – FOUND

DNA Scientists have discovered what psychologists, coaches, and education specialists are touting - a missing puzzle in their quest to support parents in developing their children.

Now you can replace trial and error with 99% accurate predictions through genetic testing.


This is a priceless test that I imagine all parents would want for their child. If I had the test done years ago, I would have developed and reached my full potential that could catapult me to greater heights of success even earlier in life.”

- Taufik Hidayat, 35, multiple-champion Medalist in Badminton, including 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist (Men’s Singles) IBF World Championships Gold Medalist, 2-Time SEA Games Gold Medalist, Jakarta, Indonesia

Normal Parenting VS Genetic Leveraged Parenting

Use DNA science to make predictions about your children’s natural talents and groom them according to their genetic aptitude. You know the right path for them because it’s in their genes!

They can give the child a head start, no more guessing games, no more trials and errors, just focus on their talents that they have discovered, zoom in and develop it, and maximize it to the fullest potential!”

- Irene Hannah Tan, Educational Psychologist, Singapore

Normal Parenting

  • baby1

    Jane learned to walk at 10mths old, but her parents didn’t think much of it.

  • r2

    Jane enjoyed running and playing outdoor with other children. She was the fastest at racing.

  • piala

    By a stroke of luck, Jane’s parents thought she had an aptitude for running when she won a race.

  • c3

    Expensive shoes, equipment, and classes are paid for to invest in Jane’s talent

  • p4

    After a while, Jane lost interest in running and picked up piano instead.

  • rp

    Though her piano teacher said she is a prodigy with a natural flair for music, Jane’s parents are not willing to provide for her expensive classes.

  • p6

    Jane only pursued piano later in life.

Genetic Parenting

  • l1

    Jane’s natural inclination for music was known from the beginning as an infant

  • l2

    Jane’s parents honed her musical sense by playing music and bought musical toys

  • l3

    Jane became a piano prodigy at 7 years old and started composing when she was 10


Future-proof Your Child With An Early Head Start!


It is predicted that by 2025 many jobs will be replaced by robots!

The challenge for those who are mediocre in their skillsets will be very great and they will struggle to compete and succeed in the future workplace. Identifying and developing your child’s core strengths earlier can prepare him/her with a winning advantage in the 21st century.

Keen to empower your child with knowledge of his/her genetic talents?




What you can expect from the FREE 1-hour seminar:

  • Learn how you can raise a champion kid through the latest DNA technology

  • Know the difference between Nature vs. Nurture and Interest vs. Talent

  • Understand how genetics influence a person’s ability to excel

  • Take home practical ways to groom your child’s natural talents

  • Get up close and personal with our acclaimed speakers and get expert advice on how to raise your child



Michelle Elizabeth McDaniels

With over 14 years as an educator specializing in early childhood education with degrees in early childhood education, primary education as well as youth counselling and others from CLE and CVA -US based institutions. Michelle has been working in the US, Mexico and is currently in Indonesia where she is continuing her work as a primary educator.


Michelle Elizabeth McDaniels


With over 14 years as an educator specializing in early childhood education with degrees in early childhood education, primary education as well as youth counselling and others from CLE and CVA -US based institutions. Michelle has been working in the US, Mexico and is currently in Indonesia where she is continuing her work as a primary educator.

Set Your Child Up For Success Seminar

For parents with children of all ages!

Refreshments will be provided!

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    30 Mar (Sat) - 11am | 2pm
    31 Mar (Sun)  - 11am | 2pm

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    Setiabudi Two Building,
    Jl Hr Rasuna Said Kav 62 Kuningan,
    Jakarta 12920

  • icon-1

    30 Mar (Sat) - 11am | 2pm
    31 Mar (Sun) - 11am | 2pm

  • icon-2

    Setiabudi Two Building,
    Jl Hr Rasuna Said Kav 62 Kuningan,
    Jakarta 12920


*Admission to the seminar is reserved for confirmed sign-ups only!

**Registration closes once we hit our maximum capacity of 30pax. To guarantee yourself a seat at this exclusive seminar, book your seat now.


Enjoy 10% discount on the Inborn Talent Genetic Test when you sign up for it at the “Set Your Child Up For Success” Seminar

  • 99.9% accurate personality profiling

  • Zero in on inherited natural gifts (athletic or artistic)

  • Pinpoint ideal careers with precision

*Exclusive offer for “Set Your Child Up For Success” Seminar attendees

*Only valid on the day itself


Aku baru melakukan tes DNA untuk tes bakat anak-anak aku di Map My Gene. Sebagai orang tua, aku penasaran karena background aku di seni dan suami arsitek. .
Kita sebagai orang tua pasti seneng kalo anak2 punya interest di suatu bidang, Cuma masalahnya anak-anak kan kadang suka bingung menentukan apa yg mereka suka.

Naahh kita sebagai orang tua mungkin pasti lebih bisa memahami dan mengarahkan minat serta bakat anak2 kita.. Surprisingly pas dibacakan reportnya, kita happy sekaliii.. Karena ibarat nyusun puzzle, yg awalnya kebayang hasil akhirnya, nah ini kayak udah selesai gitu! Apalagi hasil laporannya super detail. Karena kelihatan karakter si anak, daya ingat, reading ability, bakat gambar, musik, dancing, atau kalau anaknya calon atlet, juga kelihatan! Nah, yang aku suka juga karena laporannya sampai ke Career Profiling anak-anak. Detail banget kan??

Jadinya sekarang kita sebagai orang tua makin mantep dan fokus untuk ngembangin bakat Kahlia dan Arsa!"

Agatha Suci, 33, A mother of two children and finalist of Indonesian Idol 2004.


The Choice is in your Hands!

This is the missing puzzle that I have been working on for the past 25 years. If you could spend a fraction of your money on this test, life will never be the same again. Knowledge is power. Advanced knowledge changes destiny! The choice is in your hands. Give your loved one a head start and take action now!

Dr. Ernest Wong, Cognitive Psychologist and pioneer of Accelerated Learning and NLP training, Founder and Master Trainer of SmartsKids and SuperTeens BootCamp, Singapore

Positive Reviews From Parents Who Tried & Tested Genetic Leveraged Parenting

Thousands of parents are using the Inborn Talent Genetic Test to uncover their child's genetic talents at an early age. Hear how they have used the information to their advantage!


“The test result of Map My Gene’s Inborn Talent Genetic test is very accurate for my daughter. We found that she has very similar traits to me! This test is just what we need and it is very helpful for my daughter to later decide which course suits best for her in school. We now have no doubt with her talents and we are truly happy with her results. Thank you so much, very highly recommended! – Meity


“I really feel that this test is a MUST for all parents! I find it really helpful and useful to determine things that are necessary to help my son to find his fulfillment in life.” – Ribka


“The gene test report from Map My Gene is very useful to us as parents who are trying to groom our kid to her best. Now we know that our daughter is good at the field of Psychology and Health science. Thanks to Map My Gene!” – Paul


“Wow, the results are very close to our observation of our 5 year old son. Thanks Map My Gene. Now I’m curious to find out my own inborn talents!” – Laura


“It was a good session with the in- house consultation on the understanding of my daughter’s inborn talents. It is definitely a helpful guidance for my next educational planning – Erna


“The results are very true and accurate which displayed talents & traits that he has and confirmed our observations. Now, we know what to do for our child. Thanks Map My Gene! – Karen


“I know my kids better and have a “roadmap” on how to guide them to be a better person and unleash their true potential. This test also helps me to be closer to my kids as parents, as well as to help them succeed in their future. – Anna


"Great! This is enough detail to help parents to be able to educate their child accordingly. The information is highly beneficial." – Paska


“Good explanation from our in-house consultant in understanding our son’s inborn talents. We found out that he is born a Mathematician! I’m so excited!” – Albert


“Amazingly, we found out from the test report that our son have a inherited a mixture of both me and my husband’s genes. We are both in the business field and he is tested to be strong in Enterprising too. Unbelievable! – Rahajeng


“The results of the Gene Test report despict very accurately my daughter’s love for music, painting and reading. The report helps us develop her potential for a great future. Much thanks!” -Silvy


The Inborn Talent Genetic Test (ITGT) is a scientific DNA test to reveal inherited and inborn talents of a child through the genetic makeup of his or her DNA that your child is born with. The test results help parents identify their children talents that may not be obvious at a young age but can be picked up from their genetic make-up.

Thanks to our DNA test, you can now find out what your child’s inborn talents and character in 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1: DNA Sampling
    We collect DNA samples by swabbing the inner wall of your cheek with a cotton tip. It is extremely harmless and pain-free!
  • Step 2: Profiling Report
    The samples will be tested in our lab and within a month, we will provide your child the conclusive DNA test report with educational and career guidance based on your child’s unique inborn abilities.
  • STEP 3: Consultation
    A post-test session will be arranged where our specialized in-house consultants will provide personalized talent and character development advice for you and your child.

Knowing your child inborn talents allows you to effectively groom your child according to his/her natural inclinations. You can channel efforts and resources towards developing your child’s potential with more confidence. You no longer have to rely on guesswork, trial-and-error or fortune-telling. At the same time, you will also know what areas your child is not likely to excel in as your child is not naturally-inclined toward those areas.

Anyone! A DNA test can be performed at any age.

The ITGT provides valuable insights for individuals at any stage of career, emotional or personality growth. We recommend taking the ITGT as early in life as possible. Parents can give their children a head start in life when they can set a foundation to develop their children’s natural dispositions early.

Adults who find themselves at a career crossroad find it particularly useful to have an ITGT test done, as the career profiling aspect of the ITGT can help guide individuals towards careers they are most suited for according to their innate ability that they might not even be aware of.

Our Inborn Talent Genetic Test (ITGT) covers 46 talents & traits and delivers 99.9% accuracy to ensure that you are well-covered. The 46 talents and traits of an individual include:

  • Personality traits
  • Artistic abilities / talents
  • Intelligence abilities / IO
  • Emotional traits / EQ
  • Athletic abilities
  • Sensitivity
  • Fitness
  • Addiction propensity

Not likely. Genetic conditions are known to be very stable. Your child’s DNA is unlikely to change over his or her lifetime. There is no need to test again for the same attributes.

Yes, it is advisable if you want to get your child tested on the spot. During the seminar, there is also a little kids corner for kids to play and mingle. Children attend for free!

Watch This Video To Find Out More About Genetic Leveraged Parenting



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